“indulging in wandering fancies and purposeless thinking”

Someone in the 1500s.

Quiet Creative Hour

Thursdays 2 – 3 pm PST
Fully Woven’s Zoom Studio
Free or Dāna

Every week on Zoom, I’ll hold a quiet space for you to indulge in your wandering fancies and purposeless thinking as you express your creativity. Bring your writing, your sketching, your knitting. Bake something, plant something, build something. Dance, drum, strum. You get the idea?

Bring whatever it is you’re currently crafting and gather with other creatives.

Woolgathering is an intentional time set-aside to devote to however you engage with your Muse. I’ll open our time with a prompt and then leave you in silence to do your thing. Your video can be on or off and all audio, other than mine, will be muted. Our time together will not be recorded. We’ll close our sessions together with shared fare-thee-wells in the chat box.

You are invited to participate for free if finances are a barrier for you at this time.

If you are inclined to contribute a gift of generosity (Dāna) it will go towards the sustainability of our Fully Woven community. Consider using the value of your own time as a guide to determine your contribution.

You are most welcome to attend however is best for you.

One-time Registration

At this time registration is full and closed to new participants. Thank you for your interest in Woolgathering.