Welcome to Fully Woven’s online studio. Here you will find an assortment of seasonal offerings with some being pre-recorded and others live Zoom sessions. I switch up what I offer pretty consistently in response to your feedback. The one constant is my rhythm of working for a few weeks and then resting or retreating, and you’ll see this reflected in the live-sessions schedule.

You’re welcome to drop-into sessions as you are able and the recordings are in our private Blanket Fort for you to listen to at your convenience.


Everything in our virtual studio is gifted as mutual aid for collective healing.

You’re invited to participate for free if finances are barrier for you right now. If you have capacity for some dāna it will be most welcome and go towards the sustainability of our Fully Woven community.

Other ways to contribute are inviting friends to join our sessions, sharing my offerings in your social media networks, or being kind to someone today. I’m sure you can think of many more ways.

Current Schedule

Somatic Enquiry
Tuesdays 2-3pm PDT
Now – April 20
Live Zoom Sessions

Slow and subtle movements guided by the pace of your breath. Read more…

Upcoming Schedule

Personal Rest and Retreat
No live sessions
April 26 – May 31

You’re welcome to access pre-recorded sessions in our Blanket Fort at your convenience. If you don’t have the password then please submit your registration and I’ll send it to you. Be sure to do so before the end of April as I don’t check my emails when I’m on retreat.

    Blanket Fort

    All good forts need a password and if you don’t have it then please submit a registration and I’ll send it to you.

    I keep this page password protected because I’m not comfortable tossing my work out into the faceless internet. I want to know who you are and maybe from where on the planet you’re visiting from. I don’t keep a mailing list and won’t be sending you any sort of spam.

    Blanket Fort Registration

    Please submit at least 48 hours before your first session.