Somatic Enquiry

Tuesdays 2pm – 3pm PDT
Drop-in Sessions
Now – April 20

Fully Woven’s Zoom Studio
Free or Dāna

These guided somatic sessions bring in elements of many physical practices you may already be familiar with such as yoga asana, calisthenics, pilates, dancing, qi gong and free-form stretching. During our 60-minute sessions you’ll be invited to explore gentle subtle movements interwoven with moments of quiet stillness. This is a retreat into compassion for self and others.

Join us for the live session on Tuesdays or listen to the recording at our private Blanket Fort page. You’ll receive the password after you submit your registration. From time to time, there will be other surprises besides Somatic Enquiry in our Blanket Fort.


Everything in our virtual studio is gifted as mutual aid for collective healing.

You’re invited to participate for free if finances are barrier for you right now. If you have capacity for some dāna it will be most welcome and go towards the sustainability of our Fully Woven community.

Other ways to contribute are inviting friends to join our sessions, sharing my offerings in your social media networks, or being kind to someone today. I’m sure you can think of many more ways.

What can you expect from me and my classes?

As a teacher, I’m kind and curious and enjoy a good belly laugh. I’m fascinated by the calming and clarifying effect of conscious breathing. I know that slow deliberate movements increases both strength and stamina. I trust the practice of somatics and nerd out in combining it with post-traumatic growth principles and neurogenesis theory.

In my classes, you’re given space to witness your thoughts and sensations as they arise. Our pacing is unhurried and our focus is on the internal experience rather than the outer form. This is not an exercise or fitness or acrobatics class. The movements I’m offering you are pared-down, subtle, and slow moving. The only thing you’ll be toning here is your nervous system. And to be quite honest, I think that’s revolutionary. Wouldn’t you like to tap into your embodied equanimity?

Wear comfortable clothing that allows for unencumbered movement and maybe have a pillow and blanket close-by. Most sessions will be done on the floor and you know best what will ensure your comfort. While I won’t be suggesting any props in particular I’m a huge fan of them and invite you to bring into your practice whatever supports you!

The sessions are recorded and therefore your video, audio, screen name, and screen share options will be turned off by default.

And finally, I’ll respect your time and request that you also respect mine, which means latecomers won’t be accommodated.

General Rhythm of a Somatic Enquiry Session

We’ll open our sessions with a guided meditation and close with at least 10 minutes of silence. We probably won’t get up off the floor. You can do these sessions from the comfort of your bed or in a chair.

I’ll offer suggested movements and then hold moments of quiet awareness – this is the enquiry part. Move, pause, notice. Repeat.

You’ll decide when and if and how you move. This is your practice.

There won’t be any music on my end. And I’ll stick around for a few minutes afterwards for any discussion that arises.

We All Need Oodles of Metta

We’re living on a strange timeline where even a wide-open schedule can make it hard to commit. If you’re interested and also unsure as to whether or not you can attend the live Zooms then go ahead and register. You won’t be taking anyone’s spot (other than your own) and the recorded sessions are there for you.

As for my time commitments, I live a fairly unhurried and unplugged life with a weekly sabbath. I also live with the disability of chronic illnesses. This means that my response to your registration may take a few days; I suggest you register sooner rather than later.

One-Time Registration

Submit at least 24-hours before your first session.