Crafted Connections

Fortnightly reflections on creativity and contemplative practices to bolster connection and resist isolation. A collection of conversations with artists and makers as well as various guided meditations. May this be a space where you feel less disconnected.


Podcast Episodes

S01 E07

Conversation with Lori Weidenhammer:  Interdisciplinary Artist and Educator

SO1 E08

Conversation with
Kristen Penhall:
Farmer and Adaptive Yoga Teacher

S01 E05

Conversation with
Jennifer Aberman:
Counsellor and Ceramicist

S01 E06

Conversation with
Danielle Hoogenboom:
Yin Yoga School Creator

S01 E03

Conversation with
Morgan Leigh Callison:
Soul Poet & Multi Medium Artist

S01 E04

with Rami Katz:
Documentary Filmmaker

S01 E01

Contemplative Practice:
Metta Meditation

S01 E02

Contemplative Practice:
Guided Relaxation