Hello and welcome to Crafted Connections, a fortnightly podcast by Fully Woven. Here you will find a collection of embodied contemplative activities to calm the nervous system and quiet the mind. Activities such as guided meditations, journal writing, creative arts, and gentle mindful movement. You’ll also find a sprinkling of conversations about creativity and contemplation with some guests to the podcast.

I trust and practice these activities to help me live peacefully with chronic disabilities. Their introspective nature is subtle yet profoundly effective at amplifying wisdom. In practicing them with you, I seek to create a space to ease your suffering and where perhaps you may feel less disconnected.

Season One Episodes

Guided Relaxation Crafted Connections

Many of us are not getting enough sleep or our sleep patterns have become disrupted. In these uncertain times of a global pandemic we are dealing with more stress and anxiety and may find it a struggle to simply relax. This episode's guided relaxation could be one way for you find rest and potentially improve the quality of your sleep. It's worth a try and once you learn the technique it's something you can do on your own without any guidance. . . . Show Notes: My website: fullywoven.com My Instagram handle: @fullywoven.com Support my free offerings: ko-fi.com/fullywoven This episode mentions the book Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams written by Matthew Walker. Read this episodes transcript. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/craftedconnections/message
  1. Guided Relaxation
  2. Journal Prompts: The Disability of Chronic Illness
  3. Guided Visualization
  4. Lectio Divina
  5. Guided Metta Meditation
  6. Hello and Welcome

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