Yoga and Meditation

The intention of yoga asana is not the physical form or exploring flexibility or performing acrobatics; it is about readying yourself for meditation. 

What can you expect from me and my classes?

I’m kind and curious and enjoy a good belly laugh. I’m fascinated by the calming effect of conscious breathing and meditation. I know that subtle movements increase both strength and stamina. I trust the practice of yoga and nerd out in combining it with somatic and neurogenesis theory.

In my classes, you’ll be invited to stay present and to gently witness your feelings and sensations as they arise. A by-product of paying attention is a greater understanding of and ability to express yourself. All my offerings are trauma-sensitive* and informed by the needs of the people in the room. Our pacing is unhurried and our focus is on the internal experience rather than the outer form. We may not even get up off the ground, and we certainly won’t be doing any headstands. All classes begin and end with a meditation.

*Some key components of a trauma-sensitive practice include no music, no hands-on assists, no Sanskrit. I’ll practice with you for a shared experience. And my favourite: you decide how, when, and if you move.

Fully Woven Home Studio

My home studio is located in East Vancouver just off The Drive. It’s a small space with plenty of mats and props. We max out at six students, which means you must sign up for each and every class you want to attend. You can sign up by sending me an email to let me know if you’d like to attend. Drop-ins will not be accommodated, and people who are no-shows will be denied future registrations.

Accessibility – Garden-level room accessed by stairs or elevator, gender-neutral bathroom, kitchen facilities, scent-free space. Mats and props provided. Bicycle racks and street parking for cars available. A short walk from various public transit routes. Bike and automobile shares abound.

Allergy Alert – For the comfort of all, please refrain from wearing any and all scents, such as hair products, deodorants, hand lotions. This is very important.

FYI: No public classes are currently scheduled.

Metta Movement and Meditation

This is a slow and steady practice with a rhythmic pace inspired by yoga asana, somatic awareness, and contemplative practices. Our focus is on movements that are therapeutic. An inquiry into self-compassion.

Restorative Yoga Nidra

An exquisitely peaceful practice with lots of props and very little movement. Yoga nidra is a guided meditation similar to a body scan, and research claims that time spent with yoga nidra is equal to three times the amount of sleep. Wow!

Your Contribution

The sliding scale for my yoga classes is $10 (subsidized) / $15 (sustaining) / $20+ (supportive). Cash only. The sustaining contribution covers the cost of operation and the supportive rate feeds into subsidies to increase access and economic justice. Read about how my sliding scale works before deciding upon your level of contribution. If $10 is not possible, then please be in touch with me and we can explore a barter or energy exchange.