Guided Contemplation*

“The Cloister Call of Isolation”

I’m offering these guided contemplations focused on isolation because I believe very firmly that lack of connection is at the root of all suffering and during these pandemic times of physical distancing you may be feeling the sting of isolation more sharply. Together, let’s build some connections as we explore the analogy of being in a cloister.

Sliding scale available for your consideration:
subsidized $10 / sustaining $15 / supporting $30

*A Love Light Yoga Yin School and Fully Woven collaboration.

Session One: What is a Cloister?

Monday, November 23rd on Zoom at 10:30 AM – 12 PM PST

In this contemplative session, we’ll spend some time looking to uncover those places where we connect despite our physical distance from one another.

I’ll offer some thoughts about isolation from the perspective of both a monastic and a person living with chronic illnesses. I’ll be bouncing off the analogy of being cloistered and we’ll use journal prompts to explore our fears and freedoms around living in solitude. There will be moments of held silence for you to write, sketch, dance, sing – truly, however you find creative expression. 

Session Two: Hildegard von Bingen

Monday, November 30th on Zoom at 10:30 AM – 12 PM PST

We’ve got one more guided contemplation for you. We’re continuing to explore our cloisters and will invite in Hildegard von Bingen to share her wisdom. Hilde lived cloistered from early childhood until her 80’s. She was a well-respected abbess, mystic, composer, physician, and theologian which was no small feat for a medieval woman. I’d add that she was also what we recognize as a political activist and feminist.

Please bring a journal or sketchbook as there will be pockets of silence for you to creatively express your thoughts with writing or drawing. Or maybe you prefer silent meditation? You’re welcome to engage with your contemplations however you wish.

Registration is closed. More sessions to come in January 2021.