Contemplative Read-Along

Details of the next read-along are yet to be determined.

What is Contemplative Read-Along?

Contemplative Read-Along is a 6-week book group that’s a little bit different than the others. This one is more introverted and quiet. We’re not going to get into a deep analysis of the book but rather use the text as a mirror of our own psyches. We’ll read from the book every week and follow that up with guided meditation and silent space for creative expression such as journal writing or sketching or cake decorating. You do you.

What are we reading?

Our next book has not yet been chosen.

We won’t be reading the entire book out loud together but I will be reading sections of the book to you as well as providing weekly overviews as we progress thru it.

You’ll be reading the bulk of the book on your own and the weekly sessions will still make sense if you’re at a different place in the book than I am. By this I mean, don’t let whether or not you’re reading along determine your participation. You’re the boss, not the book. Please come and enjoy the synopsis, journal prompts, and guided meditation.

As for purchasing the book, please consider supporting your local independent book store if it’s an option for you. Alternatively, your public library may have an available copy.

Participation Details

We’ll gather weekly for six weeks on a virtual platform.

The general outline of the Contemplative Read-Along sessions will be:

  • welcome and settling in
  • reading from the book
  • some things to consider about the text
  • a guided meditation
  • creative expression (writing, sketching, etc.) or silent contemplation
  • a few closing words

Your video can be on or off. All audio, other than mine, will be muted.

I’ll stick around for 15 minutes after the end of our session for any lingering conversations and then close it down.

Sliding Scale

Sessions for the Contemplative Read-Along are offered on a sliding scale of $60 (subsidized), $90 (sustaining), and $120+ (supporting) for the full 6 weeks. Weekly contributions are another option. And I’m also open to bartering.

If the subsidized contribution is out of your reach then I invite you to attend for free. Times are tough right now and we could all use a break. You’re most welcome go ahead and register for the full 6-weeks.

Providing a sliding scale is very important to me and reflects my core values. I give economic justice a lot of thought (and action) and I ask that you also give it some thought before you decide on your contribution. As you’re thinking about this, please be honest and kind with both of us. Thank you.

*I’ve used the terms subsidized, sustaining and supporting as shorthand to convey the following:

  • subsidized means you need community support to participate
  • sustaining means you can afford to participate
  • supporting means you can afford to participate and you have extra to share

Your contribution can be made via an Interact e-Transfer or PayPal or barter.


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