Conversation with Rami Katz

Season One Episode Four

Today’s episode is a conversation with documentary filmmaker Rami Katz. I’ve known Rami for a few years and it was a pleasure getting to know him a bit better. We touched on his creative process, how the pandemic has affected our work, cooking, movies, podcasts. We covered some ground and throughout it all I couldn’t help but notice his mind for justice and heart for mercy. He’s kind, smart, and curious. A magical mix.

Rami’s Bio in his own words:

Rami Katz is a documentary filmmaker whose work has screened internationally. His recent work includes directing short documentaries for CBC Arts, and directing the documentary The Issue of Mr. O’Dell, which screened at twenty film festivals throughout North America and is available to view online at Roar Magazine. In his spare time, Rami loves to cook, garden, and swim.

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Show Notes

Rami’s Instagram: @katzigensky
Rami’s Twitter: @ramihkatz

Here are some of the sparkly things that caught our attention:

The Issue of Mr. O’Dell documentary
Find the DVD at the Vancouver Public Library
Stream the film at Roar Magazine

Rami’s most recent film is in it’s final stages and will hopefully be released mid-April 2021
Update: Watch it here on CBC Arts website.

The theory of ‘flow state’ from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
expanded upon by Jeanne Nakamura
and one of my guiding principles

Rami is a freelance filmaker with CBC Arts
CBC refers to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

The Public a film about a public library revolt

Treyf Podcast (it’s sooooooo good)

Bottom Lines Top Dollars Podcast

The Corrymeela Podcast

Rebellion mini-series about Dublin’s 1916 Easter Rising on Netflix

Older Than Ireland documentary on YouTube
Podcast correction: I mistook which date in Irish history this documentary is referencing and the correct reference is to the 1921 partitioning of Ireland.