Conversation with Kristen Penhall

Season One Episode Eight

Today’s episode is a conversation with a new friend who feels like an old friend. Kristen is a farmer and I try to stay on track with how farming sparks her creativity but I keep getting distracted by other threads. Which is just how it is when just getting to know someone, isn’t it?

In addition to being a farmer, Kristen is also a beekeeper and adaptive yoga teacher living in an RV on her farm. She is passionate about conservation, bees, the ocean, and is a lifelong learner.


Conversation with Kristen Penhall Crafted Connections

Show Notes

Kristen’s Instagram

Kristen’s website

Conor Crickmore – Neversink Farm

Amber Magnolia Hill – Mythic Medicine

“Plant native flowers for the polinators!”, Kristen’s closing statement.