Conversation with Jennifer Aberman

Season One Episode Five

Today’s episode is a conversation with my dear friend and collaborator in all things yummy, Jennifer Aberman. She’s a counsellor and artist and all-round curious person.

A little bit about Jen in her own words:

  • I loved collage as a kid, and still do!
  • I studied fine arts and focused on printmaking and darkroom photography. I wish I still had access to those fine studios.
  • I am currently getting my hands dirty with pottery again, after discovering a love for it in my undergrad.
  • I like chatting with my friend Monique for fun, I also like walking a lot and listening to podcasts and learning new things each and every day.
  • I am currently reading Nurturing Resilience by Kathy Kain, Stephen Terrell & Peter Levine


Conversation with Jennifer Aberman Crafted Connections

Show Notes:

Jen’s counselling website:
Jen’s Instagram: @implodingcombustion
Jen also provides workshops with the Crisis Centre of BC: