Conversation with Danielle Hoogenboom

Season One Episode Six

Today’s conversation is with a long-time friend and community collaborator, Danielle Hoogenboom. I first met Danielle as a student in her yin yoga classes about a decade ago and over the years we have dreamed up many projects together.

Danielle excels at connecting people and she probably doesn’t know how to be anything other than a creative agent of change. She is yin yin YIN in all aspects of her life and this conversation was delightful.


In Conversation with Danielle Hoogenboom Crafted Connections

Show Notes

Danielle’s Instagram
Danielle’s website and online yin school

Annual Charles Town Maroon Conference and Festival in Portland, Jamaica

As children, we both watched The Jetsons and here we are in the future living our analogue lives in a digital world.

Deyen: Canadian History Through the Lens of Indigenous Women an online course by Chastity Davis

We are both fascinated by fascia and if you don’t know about it then be prepared to be blown away.

The fascia book Danielle referrenced: Functional Atlas of the Human Fascial System by Carla Stecco, Warren Hammer, Raffaele De Caro