Crafted Connections

Hello and welcome to Crafted Connections, a fortnightly podcast by Fully Woven. This project is a labour of love for me and a way to foster connection with you. I live mostly housebound with disability and the added isolation of the coronavirus has led me to find different and creative ways of socially engaging.

Here you will find a collection of embodied contemplative activities to calm the nervous system and quiet the mind. Activities such as guided meditations, journal writing, creative arts, and gentle mindful movement. You’ll also find a sprinkling of conversations about creativity and contemplation with some guests to the podcast.

The practices that I share with you are ones that I turn to and trust to help me live peacefully. Their introspective nature is subtle yet profoundly effective at amplifying wisdom. In practicing them with you, I seek to create a space to ease your suffering and where perhaps you may feel less disconnected.

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