Hello and Welcome

to Fully Woven with Monique

March 2021 Update:

Are you rolling around to your one year anniversary of pandemic living? I am. I’m starting to notice myself saying “I haven’t done ___________ since last year.” And you? What’s in your fill-in-the-blank space? What are some of your losses? At the heart of what I’m missing is you. I’m missing other people. In-person experiences. You too?

In response to those feelings of separation, I’ve started a fortnightly podcast to explore creativity and contemplative arts. And thanks to the generosity of some donors I’ve purchased a Zoom license for all things Fully Woven. I’m slowly introducing things with the hope that if you’re feeling similarly isolated then together we can have our own little protest against that and find ways to connect.

March 16, 2020 Update:

In response to the catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person offerings, including individual and group counselling, have been postponed until it is safe for us to gather together again.

May you be free from all inner and outer harm, may you be filled with ease, and may you know loving kindness. May it be so.

What is Fully Woven?

“Fully Woven” is a metaphor for weaving with your full being. With your heart and mind. With your actions and intentions. With community and in solitude. With the full range of your emotions and experiences.

If you’re feeling disconnected and disappointed with our fast-paced culture and are curious about slowing down then I’ve got some options for you. Together, we’ll explore ways to ease your suffering with compassionate conversations, gentle movement, and creative expression.

Fully Woven offers individual and group counselling, somatic enquiry sessions, creative workshops, guided meditations, and non-residential retreats. All my offerings are gifted for free as mutual aid and if you are inclined to contribute a gift of generosity (Dāna) it will go towards the sustainability of our community.

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