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Gentle restorative to calm the nervous system, yin to squeeze out stress, nidra to rest deeply, and dru to swirl around with your energy. 


Hatha yoga with various expressive arts to promote embodied mindfulness. Kind of like kindergarten for grown-ups.


We live in an overstimulated society. Here’s your invitation to disconnect from outer distractions and reconnect with your inner wisdom.

As a trauma-sensitive teacher, Monique creates a safe and welcoming space for everyone during retreats and yoga classes. Time spent with her is a true gift of body-positive and life-affirming practice.

Jenny Yogin & Silent Retreat Participant

Monique has a tremendous ability to make you feel safe in her presence. She is truly skilled in her capacity to hold space, ensuring that you feel heard and seen without judgement. We are so fortunate to have Monique offering her wisdom, compassion and heart to others.

Chelsea Lee Director of Yoga Therapy, Vancouver School of Yoga

It felt like a safe space where I could settle in, and where I knew that I could modify the activities as needed to take care of myself.

B.A. Silent Retreat Participant
my story

my story

I am a typical wanderer; destinations are great but my heart is in the journey. I have studied psychology, sociology, end of life philosophy, and feminist theology at graduate school and in lived experience. An HIV diagnosis in the spring of

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